We are a network of woodworking companies striving to grow communities and offer our people the opportunity for development through the sustainable use of this time-honoured resource.

Based in Estonia and doing business in Scandinavia, wood is in our history, present and future. We’re small enough to have a personal relationship with our clients and react quickly to changes in the market, but big enough to make a difference for our people and local communities.

What matters to us

No nonsense

We are straightforward in our approach to business. The simplest way to do things is most often the best way.

Smart and lean

We believe in fostering a strong sense of entrepreneurship and keeping a decentralized leadership. This allows for individual initiative that enables us to meet our customers’ needs and respond to market changes quickly and with flexibility. This way, we can be good business partners to our customers and suppliers.


Our customers are at the center of everything we do and we enjoy growing with our clients. If our customers are successful, we are successful.

Our approach is to delve deep into customers’ needs and develop our products in co-operation with the customer and with their processes in mind. This lets us provide better and more efficient solutions.

Our people

Our employees and members of the local communities they come from is who we are. These people matter. This is why we support our local communities in key areas to help develop and educate the next generation of smart and conscious citizens and workers.

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As Nordic people, we live among the forests our wood comes from. It is because of this, that it is paramount for us to minimize the impact we have on the environment.

Our raw materials only come from certified sources and we are constantly looking for new ways to make full use of the resources we handle.

All of the timber and sawn timber we purchase comes from well-managed sources. Combiwood group is FSC-certified.

From 2005, we’ve grown from a single factory in Helme, Estonia to a network of 14 companies. We started with making interior mouldings, but with time realized the benefit in expanding in both directions of the value chain - securing stable raw material flow and establishing our own distribution channels.


Combiwood was established by a group of 6 founders, all with backgrounds in the wood industry. Relying on an already well-established sawmilling industry and generally lower costs, we were able to realize a competitive advantage over our Scandinavian peers in the production of further processed products. Developing on this advantage has brought us to where we are today.


Combiwood starts in Helme


First subsidiary, Combilink, founded


Combiwood enters the sawmilling industry


Combiwood establishes a sales network in Scandinavia


We achieve market leader status in Norway


Combiwood group founded


Combiwood Benelux sales office


Subsidiary Combiforest OÜ was founded

Today, Combiwood is one of the biggest employers in the Estonian wood sector with 11 companies in the network and nearly 1,000 employees. Our main export markets are Scandinavia, central Europe, and the USA.


We want to take an active part in replacing the use of non-renewable raw materials with renewables wherever possible. We believe that wood has a large part to play as an alternative to non-renewables that should be used wisely and with good stewardship. Concrete and metals will always have their uses, but wood can be used in many applications where mostly non-renewable materials are used today.

Our second continuous long-term goal is to be as efficient as possible. This applies both to business efficiency and our environmental impact. By investing in our people and facilities we ensure great working conditions for our workers and find new ways to make full use of the timber that we process. This way, we ensure minimal impact on the environment.

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Combiwood’s success is driven by and for our people. We work together to sustainably develop our industry - for a better, greener future.

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