We are a network of woodworking companies

We strive to grow communities and offer our people the opportunity for development through the sustainable use of this time-honored resource. Based in Estonia and doing business in Scandinavia, central Europe, and the US; wood is in our history, present, and future.

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What we do

We make a variety of different products, starting from sawn timber and moving up the production chain to intermediate products and then onto finished door and window frames, window sills, and wall panels.

Through our own logistics and sales network as well as our partners, these are available in both wholesale and retail outlets across Scandinava, central Europe, and the US.

We are vertically integrated

Founded in 2003, Combiwood today is a vertically integrated network comprising sawmills, component factories, consumer goods factories, and sales and logistics companies. Some of our sites have been operating in the timber industry since 1947. Across our manufacturing sites and offices we employ nearly 900 people.

  • 14% 2 companies
  • 21% 3 companies
  • 21% 3 companies
  • 36% 5 companies
  • 8% 1 company
  • 900 employees
  • 60,000 km of moldings produced per year
  • 3x value added to the initial raw materials

A local group with global impact.

From our factories in Estonia, our products travel all across Scandinavia. Currently, our mouldings, window frames, edge-glued panels, and other products are used in more than 100,000 construction projects yearly.


Here’s our thinking about our people, products, and industry.

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